Recycled Fence Wood Potting Bench

finished potting bench

by moonflower

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When we bought our house we put up a wooden privacy fence to separate our property as we had a large rescued dog and wanted to keep her in our yard.  Well 20 years later the fencing has been falling apart in places and its time to replace some of the sections. I cannot just throw something away that can be recycled or made new into something else. Here I took the fencing and dreamed up a potting bench for my gardening. I tried my best to give you directions as I did it on the fly out of my head.  It took all of three hours if you know how to use some basic power tools like an electric screw driver and a miter saw. You can use manual tools but it will take longer and you’ll need some old fashioned elbow grease and saw horses. I absolutely love, love my bench the way it came out.

Hope you like it too and if I can do it you can do it!  I am no carpenter by any means and I am a visual measurer.

You will need scrap wood from an 8 foot wide 6 feet tall picket or plain wood type fence. Remove all the nails when you take it part. Make sure there are no nails on the driveway to get a flat tire or on the ground so no-one steps on one. Some wood screws that will be long enough to go through one and half widths of your wood. A miter saw or hand wood saw,  hammer, screw driver or electric drill, tape measure, pencil. I did not need to pre-drill my holes as the screws went in very easy you may need to do this recommended step so the wood does not split. Some old drawer pulls or hooks. And that’s it, this was a free project for me!

Then download my illustration for directions. Click on the illustration below for the pdf.



Have fun with this project and below is what I did with the scraps from this project!  They became a small zen table! Here the table is in the back yard with cozy cushions and lemonade for two. Use your imagination!

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